Dan Strömberg

UniversityUniversity of Gothenburg
DepartmentBiological and environmental science
KeywordsKvicksilver, atmosfär, fotokemi, kvantkemi, rökgaser, rökgasrening, förbränning, kväveoxider, lustgas, katalys., Mercury, atmosphere, photochemistry, quantum chemistry, flue gas, flue gas cleaning, combustion, nitrogen oxides, nitrous oxide, catalysis.

Website University of Gothenburg, in Swedish bioenv.gu.se/personal?userId=xstrda
Networks/thematic areasGothenburg Air and Climate Network (GAC)

Reasearch / work
* The atmospheric chemistry of mercury, e.g the stability of different mercury species in air, photochemistry of mercury species. * Mercury flue gas cleaning. * Combustion chemistry, with emphasis on the heterogeneous production and decomposition of nitrogen oxides, mostly at fludised bed combustion. * Catalytic decomposition of nitrogen oxides. In the future I hope to work with atmospheric modelling of mercury, and perhaps modelling of other fenomena as well.