Åsa Arrhenius

UniversityUniversity of Gothenburg
DepartmentBiological and environmental science
Keywordsblandningar, toxicitet, ekotoxikologi, mikroalger, blandningsmodeller, riskanalys, mixture toxicity, aquatic toxicology, toxicants, Pollution Induced Community Tolerance (PICT), microbenthic communities, algae, microcosm system, risk assessment

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Reasearch / work
My PhD-project in marine ecotoxicology, "Validation of models for mixture toxicity, using marine microalgal communities", will compare and evaluate different models to predict the toxicity of mixtures of chemical when acting individually but also in a mixture situation. My project is an integrated part of two EU-projects, PREDICT: Prediction and assessment of the aquatic toxicity of mixtures of, and BEAM: Bridging effect assessment of mixtures to ecosystem situations and regulation.