Elin Löfström-Engdahl

UniversityChalmers University of Technology
DepartmentChemistry and Chemical Engineering
DivisionNuclear chemistry
PhD student
KeywordsKemi, kärnavfall, industriellt avfall,hållbar avfallshantering, återvinning, Chemistry, nuclear waste, industrial waste, sustainable waste treatment, recycling

Networks/thematic areas

Reasearch / work
The focus of my research is on used nuclear fuel. Used nuclear fuel is dangerous for mankind and its environment for a long time. If, however, the longlived, radiotoxic actinoides could be transmuted into less radiotoxic, or stable nuclides the radiotoxicity could be reduced. But, before a transmutation is possible the actinoides need to be separated from the rest of the fuel. This separation can be achieved through solvent extraction. It is in the area of these two phase systems, water-oil, Elin is working. The main focus is the effects of various organic diluents on the extraction.