Gavin McCrory

UniversityChalmers University of Technology
DepartmentSpace, Earth and Environment
DivisionPhysical Resource Theory
PhD student
KeywordsUrban development, Sustainability, Transitions, Societal labs

Website Chalmers University of Technology, in Swedish
Website Chalmers University of Technology, in English
Networks/thematic areasUrban research (previously Urban Research Network)

Reasearch / work
Gavin McCrory is a PhD candidate in the division of Physical Resource Theory. The focus of his research is to understand labs in society, and their implications for sustainability transitions. With the growing recognition that leadership for sustainability should be taken at local and regional levels, and that participatory processes are necessary, his work aims to support policy makers and local authorities in designing, nurturing and evaluating labs. Gavin is an academic writing tutor and teaches in Challenge Lab, a problem-oriented learning environment located in Johanneberg Science Park.