Kristoffer Ekberg

UniversityChalmers University of Technology
DepartmentTechnology management and economics
DivisionScience, Technology and Society
KeywordsMiljöhistoria, politisk historia, sociala rörelser, utopi, modern historia, klimatförnekelse, Environmental history, political history, social movements, utopia, modern history, climate change denial

Website Chalmers University of Technology, in Swedish
Website Chalmers University of Technology, in English
Networks/thematic areas
SDG:s7. Affordable and clean energy, 12. Responsible consumption and production, 13. Climate action, 17. Partnerships for the goals
RegionsEurope and Central Asia, North America

Reasearch / work
Kristoffer Ekberg is a historian focusing on environmental history, political history and social movements. His research explores what kind of knowledge about climate change that has historically existed within industry, the scientific community and the political sphere. The aim is to map out the dissemination of knowledge in Sweden and to give a better understanding of how new issues enter, or are secluded, from policy.