Jenny Leonardsson

HögskolaGöteborgs Universitet
InstitutionBiologi och miljövetenskap
Sökordnaturvårdsgallring, naturvård, skog, conservation, forest

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Title:Conservation-oriented partial cutting in mixed broadleaved temperate forests in southern Sweden Summary: This research is part of a long-term study (the "Oak-project") about the effects on biodiversity of conservation-oriented partial cutting in mixed broadleaved temperate forests in southern Sweden. My research aims to evaluate the effects on regeneration of woody plants and biomass production, eight years after conservation thinning. Data will be collected at 25 different sites in southern Sweden. At each site there is one experimental plot and one control plot of 1 ha each. Data has been collected several times since the start of the research project and data will therefore be collected at the same transects and plots as before to be able to compare data from before and after cutting. My research will try to answer the following questions: 1) How does conservation cutting of high forest influence species composition of woody plants, compared with initial conditions and undisturbed matched stands? 2) To what degree is woody regeneration established from seeds, stump sprouts or root sprouts, and advanced regeneration, and how does initial diameter of cut tree or bush influence vegetative regeneration? 3) What proportions of the woody regeneration consist of bushes and of trees, and could bushes affect tree regeneration and future volume production? 4) To what degree is browsing by deer and moose affecting bush and tree regeneration? Forskarutbildningens startår: 2010 Beräknat examensår: 2015 Handledare: Frank Götmark Handledarens institution: Zoologiska institutionen Biträdande handledares institution: Institutionen för sydsvensk skogsvetenskap, SLU Examinator: Staffan Andersson