Dinko Chakarov

UniversityChalmers University of Technology
DepartmentPhysics (Chalmers)
DivisionChemical physics
Keywordsvatten, syre, ozon, CO, NOx, sot, damm, is, katalysator, adsorption, foton(be)strålning, fotokemi, atmosfäriska processer, gasifiering av kol, katalytisk avgasrening., water, ice oxygen, /ozone, CO, NOx soot, dust, salt, ice, catalyst, adsorption, photon irradiation, photo chemistry, atmospheric processes, carbon gasification , catalytic emission cleaning.

Networks/thematic areas

Reasearch / work
Research/activity Interaction of simple molecules, (e.g. water, oxygen/ozone, CO, NOx) with surfaces (e. g. soot, dust, salt, ice, catalysts model surfaces). Examination of the fundamental energy and charge transfer between substrate and the adsorbed layer as result of adsorption and during electron and photon irradiation. Surface thermal and photo physics and photo chemistry. Surface related atmospheric processes and problems in carbon gasification and catalytic emission cleaning.