Jan Lennartsson

HögskolaGöteborgs Universitet
InstitutionMatematiska vetenskaper (GU)
AvdelningMatematisk statistik
Sökordextremvärdesteori, matematik, statistik, excursion events, math, statistics

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Forskning / verksamhet
matematik, klimatologi, forskarskolanKlimat & mobilitet My research regards enviromental change due to human intervention or more precise extreme value theory in climate and mobility. Extrem value theory is the probalilistic and statistical theory that is used to analyze rare events. It is cloesly linked to risk theory, and has been developed for 50 years in interaction with applications in, e.g. climatology, hydrology, material sciences, mathematical finance and metrology. Much existing statistical methodology for extremes is univariate, while many contemporary real world applications, e.g., the study of climate changes, require advanced mulitvariate methodology, for data materials with strong interdependencies and not necessarily equal distributions. The purpose of the project is to use recent advances in extreme value theory to develop statistical methodology for extremes, that better respondes to needs in contemporary applications, with a focus on analyzis of climate changes, but also with a view towards the other areas mentioned above. A second purpose is to deveop new extreme value theory for mathematical statistical models, often involving stochastic processes, that are needed in climatology. Forskarutbildningens startår: 2005 Beräknat examensår: 2009 Handledare: Patrik Albin Handledarens institution: Matematiska Vetenskaper Examinator: Patrik Albin