Andreas Skriver Hansen

UniversityUniversity of Gothenburg
DepartmentEconomy and society
DivisionHuman geography
PhD student
KeywordsCoastal marine management, outdoor recreation, nature conservation, monitoring, zoning strategies

Networks/thematic areas

Reasearch / work
As recognized by many environmental researchers around the world, there is an inseparable, but also challenging, link between use and protection of the land/seascape in marine protected areas (MPAs). Currently, however, not much is known about how recreational activities relate to, and impact, the natural surroundings in coastal and marine areas. The purpose of my PhD project is therefore to enter and contribute to the pertinent and ongoing debate about how outdoor recreation and conservation should be planned and managed concurrently with a focus on human-nature interactions and outdoor recreation as a socio-cultural phenomenon in the case area of Kosterhavet National Park, Sweden. Different recreational uses and experiences associated with the coastal/marine landscape will be examined, which involves a critical approach to different monitoring methods and techniques, and a discussion of existing, but also possible future zoning strategies in the park.