Julia Ravanis

UniversityChalmers University of Technology
DepartmentTechnology management and economics
DivisionScience, Technology and Society
PhD student
KeywordsTeknikhistoria, vetenskapshistoria, datorhistoria, kalla kriget, teoretisk fysik, genushistoria

Website Chalmers University of Technology, in Swedish www.chalmers.se/sv/personal/Sidor/ravani.aspx
Website Chalmers University of Technology, in English www.chalmers.se/en/Staff/Pages/ravani.aspx
Networks/thematic areas
SDG:s5. Gender equality

Reasearch / work
Her thesis explores the Swedish history of computing during the years 1955-1975. In this time period, the computer usage in Sweden rose dramatically and computer science was established at technical universities. At the same time, the Swedish government invested heavily in advanced computer technology for military science. Through tracing the military origin of Swedish computer science in two major data processing centres, Julia challenges the widespread notion of Swedish computer science as a fundamentally civil field of research. Central to the analysis are the cultures at the postwar university data processing centres and their prevailing ideologies.