Urban Grén

UniversityChalmers University of Technology
DepartmentChemistry and Chemical Engineering
DivisionChemical engineering design
Keywordsseparationsteknik; återvinningsteknik; kemikalieåtervinning; systemanalys; omrörning; avvattning; filtrering; pressning; tvättning; destillation; mesaombränning; kausticering; släckning; fysikalisk-kemisk data; CFC; HCFC;, separation operations; recovery technology; chemicals recovery; system analysis; mixing; dewatering; steam drying; filtration; pressing; lime reburning; causticising; slaking; physico-chemical property data; CFC; HCFC;

Networks/thematic areas

Reasearch / work
Fundamental studies of separation operations, to form a basis for design of single units and of systems of units so that an optimal plant design is obtained regarding environment and energy use. Examples of projects are new recovery techniques for the coo